Industries & Applications


Considered a safety related component in the rail industry, wedge-lock washers are used to secure nuts and bolts in applications such as track switches, bogies, traction motor assemblies, frogs, light rail car components, etc.

Rotating Equipment

In the gas turbine power plant industry, bolted joints are critical on expensive rotating equipment. Thermal cycling and vibration result in settlement of flanges which can lead to gasket leaks. In worst case conditions, the power plant maintenance staff must schedule outages to tighten loose joints. Heico-Lock washers help avoid loosening problems. The washers are also available in Inconel and other alloys for high temperature areas. Heico-Lock washers are especially suited for gas and steam turbines, compressors, turbochargers, pumps, mixers, motors and gearboxes.


High duty cycle, temperature cycling and high load dynamics can create an unsafe work environment when nuts and bolts loosen. Wedge-Lock washers are suitable for transfer cars, down coilers, overhead cranes, mill stands, slitters, manipulators and other production equipment.


High reliability and safety are requirements for military equipment. Heico-Lock washers are particularly suitable for artillery equipment, UAVs, personnel carriers and other mobile platforms.

Automotive and Performance Racing

Headers, engine and transmission mounts, driveline components, suspension components, superchargers and turbo chargers can all benefit from the use of Heico-Lock washers. High vibration and heat can lead to premature failure when using conventional fasteners.

Material Handling Equipment

Cranes, forklifts, construction equipment, crushing equipment, and screening equipment are associated with constant vibration that causes fasteners to loosen. Heico-Lock washers provide a high degree of reliability


Combines, tractors, tillers, ploughs, etc. contain many moving parts subject to vibration. Nuts and bolts can be secured effectively with Heico-Lock washers.

Pulp & Paper

Nuts and bolt can loosen on shredders, debarking machines, paper roll drives and overhead cranes. Heico-Lock washers can eliminate down time on expensive process line equipment.


When nuts and bolts loosen in chemical plants, maintenance personnel may be exposed to dangerous chemicals other substances. Heico-Lock washers help workers avoid unsafe conditions. Typical applications include agitation systems, mixers, stirring systems, reactors, pumps, compressors, etc.


Helicopters, satellites, UAV’s and prop driven aircraft all require a high degree of reliability. Heico-Locks are suitable for applications such as exhaust systems, props and mechanical drive systems.

Oil & Gas

Offshore oil platforms and land based drilling equipment are exposed to high duty cycles and harsh operating conditions and/or constant vibration. Equipment such as top head drives, mud pumps, BOP’s can benefit from the use of Heico-Lock washers.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Equipment

High productivity requires a high equipment degree of equipment reliability. Pharmaceutical equipment lines and medical equipment need bolts positively secured.

Power Generation

Securing bolted joints on gas and steams turbines is critical from a safety and reliability standpoint. Wedge-Lock washers are suitable for fuel nozzle components, combustors and frame assemblies, etc.


Heico-Lock washers are a superior fastening method that can avoid down time and serviceability issues on equipment in the mining and aggregate industry. Constant vibration and high duty cycles are normally present in longwall machines, high wall machines, prep plant equipment, dragline excavators, crushing and screening equipment, etc.

Electrical Applications

Battery terminals, ring terminals, bus connections, etc are subject to vibration and thermal cycling especially on mobile equipment. Electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid vehicle technology are demanding secure connections to eliminate resistance buildup and hot spots at battery terminal connections. Due to the tension based physics of the washer system, clamp load is retained, eliminating loosening and possible arcing that can lead to fires and equipment failure.