Frequently Asked Questions

Are Heico-Lock washers reusable?

The number of times of reuse depends on the hardness of the bolt and the application. Heico-Lock washers can be reused more than 20 times with a typical 10.9 grade bolt. Washers should be monitored and replaced more frequently with harder bolts. Stainless steel washers should be replaced after a single use. When reusing the washers, the cam surfaces must face each other.

Will the washers damage the surface of my equipment?

Heico-Lock washers are designed with unidirectional serrations that do not score mating surfaces. A relatively smooth imprint is created in the substrate, minimizing sharp edges and stress risers.

What should I do about the glue holding the two washer halves together?

The glue is applied at the factory as a convenience feature. The glue keeps the two halves of the washer assembly together and oriented properly. The glue does not affect the mechanics of the washer system and will disperse during assembly. The glue is a soft, flexible, non-toxic formulation.

If I can’t use a torque device, how do I know if I have installed the washers properly?

Without a torque device it is difficult to achieve an accurate torque value. A simple visual check can be used to at least determine if a minimum amount of torque has been applied for the washer to operate. After tightening the joint, remove the nut and bolt and confirm that the serrations of the washers have made an imprint on the top and bottom mating surfaces, then reassemble the joint.